CALGARY | August 28, 2018

WCSB Power (“WCSB”) has acquired a 100% equity interest in a 66 MW portfolio of nine operating power plants located in Alberta from a private equity fund managed by Toronto-based Kensington Capital Advisors Inc.

The facilities produce electricity from waste-heat, waste-gas and sales gas produced by major oil and gas exploration and production (“E&P”) companies in the province. The E&P companies have entered long-term contracts to supply gas or purchase of electricity from the facilities.

This acquisition is WCSB’s first major acquisition since its founding in July 2018. WCSB will continue to focus on acquisitions opportunities in Western Canada.

About WCSB

WCSB Power is a privately held, technology-focused power generation company, engaged in the acquisition and operation of electrical generating assets in Western Canada. Our electrical generation assets utilize produced gas, sales gas and waste heat produced by large midstream, exploration and production companies.