Enfinite Announces Significant Investment in its eReserve Battery Storage Program in Alberta

Calgary, AB-May 10, 2022 - Enfinite Corporation, a North American leader in energy storage, today announced the expansion of its eReserve program, adding an additional 140 MW of battery energy storage projects to the existing 40 MW in operation. This expansion will bring the eReserve programs total energy storage to more than 180MW (350MWh) to support Alberta’s grid.

In October 2020, Enfinite, formerly WCSB Power, announced an investment in Alberta of three 20 MW battery energy storage projects, powered by Tesla Megapack technology. Two of its 20 MW eReserve facilities are in operation, with its third set for operation late this summer. The additional eReserve facilities will modernize Alberta’s electricity system and demonstrate a pathway towards a decarbonized, net-zero electricity grid in the province. Enfinite’s energy storage projects will contribute to the stabilization of electricity costs, provide a solution to the issue of renewable intermittency and ensure reliability of Alberta’s electricity grid.

According to Matt Braaten, CEO of Enfinite, “Enfinite’s energy storage solutions have provided utilities and private power producers greater flexibility in delivering electricity to meet peak consumer demand in a more economically sound way. We have been at the forefront of introducing advanced battery storage solutions across Western Canada. To support a growing wave of renewable energy demand, Enfinite plans to exceed its goal of delivering socially responsible, operationally reliable, and economically sound storage solutions.”

The energy storage solutions that the eReserve program offers are a game changer for electricity systems undergoing significant change as is the case in Alberta. As decarbonization introduces new challenges in energy systems planning, battery storage can provide stable, abundant energy reserves that are less susceptible to varying fuel prices and shortages, while drawing significant new investment into the province. Recent changes proposed to Alberta’s electricity legislation in Bill 22, the Electricity Statutes Amendment Act, will enable the integration of battery storage into Alberta’s interconnected electricity system and provide investor confidence.

“Energy storage resources can take on a wide range of roles within Alberta’s electricity system to support lower carbon generation and help manage system costs while at the same time working to attract investment into Alberta to further diversify the economy,” said Braaten.

Approval of the remaining six eReserve battery storage projects are expected later this year. Enfinite anticipates the remaining 120 MW provided by these eReserve projects will be in-service, subject to Regulatory approval, by the second quarter of 2023. In addition to its eReserve program, Enfinite is leading Canada’s storage buildout with additional projects in Alberta, Ontario and Eastern Canada in various phases of development.

About Enfinite

Enfinite Corporation, formerly WCSB Power Generation LP, is a North American leader in energy storage and the largest battery operator in Alberta. Enfinite specializes in developing robust energy storage solutions that bring greater reliability, viability and sustainability to the power grid and its stakeholders. Our energy storage investments support a transition from fossil fuels to renewables to create a more sustainable and reliable clean energy future. We are committed to best in class environmental, social and governance principles.

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WCSB Power Announces the Construction of Canada’s Largest Battery Energy Storage System

CALGARY | October 6, 2020

WCSB Power Holdings Inc (“WCSB Power”) is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement to acquire and construct Canada’s largest battery storage project (“eReserve” or the “Projects”), located in Alberta, Canada. Once built, the Projects will consist of up to 60 MW total nameplate capacity of Tesla Megapack Batteries, providing energy balancing and grid frequency regulation services that support Alberta’s ongoing growth toward sustainable energy.

WCSB Power acquired the 20 MW eReserve 1 application in May, 2020 (the “Agreement”) from Teric Power Ltd (“Teric”), who has also been engaged to oversee the design and construction of the project. Construction of eReserve 1 commenced in September with Iconic Power Systems Inc (“Iconic”) being awarded the general works contract for the eReserve 1 project. The Agreement also provides the contractual option for WCSB Power to construct and operate two additional 20 MW battery projects, eReserve 2 & 3, scheduled to be in service in 2021. Once the three eReserve projects have been constructed, WCSB Power will operate the largest fleet of Tesla Megapack batteries in Canada.

The Tesla Megapack batteries will provide various operational strategies to support Alberta’s transition to a sustainable power grid. The objective of this investment will focus on the delivery of sustainable energy, renewable generation smoothing, system voltage, and capacity support, as well as grid frequency regulation. WCSB Power has collaborated with URICA Energy Asset Optimization Ltd. (“URICA”), an Alberta based, market leading service provider of energy management service provider.

“We are proud to partner with URICA, an industry leader in power management, to optimize and manage the operation of this innovative investment. URICA will leverage its expertise within the energy management space to ensure adequate grid frequency regulation and load balancing,” said Matt Braaten, President & CEO of WCSB Power. “URICA will deliver on WCSB Power’s planned optimization strategy of ensuring reliable distribution of power to customers for years to come in order to meet the AESO’s objectives as outlined in the Energy Storage Roadmap.”

WCSB Power was advised by Burstall LLP, Alvarez and Marsal ULC and AON Canada on this transaction.



WCSB Power is a privately held, technology-focused power generation company, engaged in the acquisition and operation of electrical generating assets in Western Canada. Our facilities store and generate electricity. Our electrical generation assets utilize produced gas, sales gas and waste heat produced by large midstream, exploration and production companies. Our battery energy storage systems facilitate the delivery of sustainable energy, renewable generation smoothing, system voltage and capacity support, as well as grid frequency regulation.

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